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INVEST IN TEXAS – LandBanking is not a new concept. The original LandBankers were farmers, residential and commercial developers, and investors who used the practice for decades. The concept of buying land on the outskirts of town in the path of growth and progress is as old as the hills. Just as old are many quotes by some of America's most famous patriots.

"Real Estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away.  Purchased with commons sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world."  Franklin D. Roosevelt

    "Real Estate is an imperishable asset, ever increasing in value.  It is the most solid security that human ingenuity has devised.  It is the basis of all security and about the only indestructible security."  Russell Sage, American financier, rail road and telegraph mogul (1815-1906).

"Buy on the fringe and wait.  Buy land near a growing city!  Buy real estate when other people want to sell.  Hold what you buy!"   John Jacob Astor, fur trader, capitalist, America's first multimillionaire (1763-1848)


Will Rogers had it right when he said, "Buy land.  They ain't making more of it."

The law of supply and demand will always protect the value of real estate.  Especially in major metropolitan cities and more specifically counties directly in the path of growth.  Census bureaus predict the growth in certain areas of the US are staggering in the next 20 years.  Texas, already highly favored and blessed with some of the most desirable and stable economic conditions in the country is targeted to experience population increases never experienced before.  Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin and the 60-mile radius surrounding them are the bull's eye of opportunity today more than ever before.  Counties in the outer rings of the radius are PRIME for secured real estate investments.  Sure to hold its value even in the most turbulent economic times, historically outperforming ALL other investment vehicles in any given economic bubble.


Texas land investments are subject to the most favorable taxing brackets of any other source of income.  Capital gains taxes are sure to stay well below the current and future income brackets of any other source of income.  With 90% property tax exempt status available for agriculture and timber exemptions, carrying costs are minimal.  1031 Tax Exchange laws, which defer taxes and allow reinvestment in to like properties encourage land investment and protects the income earned.  THERE IS NO BETTER WAY TO EARN INCOME AND PAY LESS TAXES.

Invest in Texas – The price is right and the time is right...

Grow Wealth Through Timberland Investments  

  •   Strong capital preservation  
  •   Attractive returns with low risk  
  •   Effective inflation hedge  
  •   Favorable tax treatment  
  •   Environmentally responsible investment

  Secure Wealth Through Texas Rural Land  

  •   10 acres – 1,000 plus acres  
  •   1031 exchanges – deferred taxes  
  •   Recreational, development, investment  
  •   Farms and Ranches  
  •   Ag exempt – low carrying costs


Earning potential using real estate inside a self directed IRA is causing many individuals and small business owners to rethink their current retirement strategies.  There are many self directed IRA Custodians that specialize in managing real property inside your self directed IRA.  Google self directed IRA Custodians and you can review many websites that answer all your questions and offer their services.  Learn how Section 408 of the IRS Tax Code has opened the door to this alternative to the stock market.  You don't really have to put your retirement savings at RISK.  Decisions like rolling your IRA into real estate require sound financial and legal strategies.

There are 3 Phases:

The Planning Phase – this is the most basic premise.  Time is on your side.  The more time you have until retirement the more LandBanking becomes the best alternative for accumulating wealth.  How many parcels to buy, how frequently do you add to your portfolio, when do I sell?

The Accumulation Phase – this is exciting as you begin to search and identify your first purchase.  You continue the same process over again as determined in the planning phase.  Then the waiting game begins.  You watch development reach out to areas you once thought were way out in the country.  You read about and see new road projects unveiled that have been on the drawing board for years.  Zoning changes, new access to utilities, new and major development projects get announced near your property...population growth increases the demand for land and increases it's value.

The Distribution Phase – this starts at the time of your "golden years".  This is where you reap the rewards, as did LandBankers before you.  You sell to develop monthly income streams.  You sell to reinvest.  You sell all or one at a time.  The options are many and your strategy would be contingent on your current and specific needs, health, and market conditions?.

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